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Aspire To Inspire

Online Raffle & Brand Partnership

Aspire to Inspire Friday’s will occur on the last Friday of every month!


By utilizing our social media platforms, we will help showcase an up and coming brand/business. We will be spreading our love to future entrepreneurs and encourage those that are passionate about their crafts around the world. 

The selected business for that month will donate three products of their choice to contribute in our monthly raffle that participants can simply enter by: following both pages on Instagram, liking the post, and tagging three friends to the post. 

The benefits of this online program for our monthly brand includes: 

  • Brand exposure

  • A free professional photo-shoot

  • A feature on our official 2021 website

  • Lead generation

  • A live interview where a rep from the brand will join our very own program director, Allan Africa, to not only announce the three lucky winners but to use the time to share their company's mission and vision.

Tune in at the end of every month to learn about the next business that may inspire you to start your own!

March 2021 Featured Business


Trophy Body PT

Mission:  I Help People Train Smarter

Location: Washington D.C.

Founded:  Jan 2017

Instagram: @trophybodypt


February 2021 Featured Business


Azzi Fudd

Mission:  Positive Vibes Only

Location: Northern Virginia, USA

Founded:  Jan 2020


Instagram: @azzi35


January 2021 Featured Business



Mission:  Hope with a Purpose

Location: Northern Virginia, USA

Founded:  Jan 2017




November 2020 Featured Business


Self Envy

Mission:  Self Envy's mission is to highlight the potential of every individual's own inner ability to achieve their goals and desires.

Location: Northern Virginia, USA

Founded:  Jan 2017


Instagram: @selfenvyco


October 2020 Featured Business


Untamed Clothing

Mission:  Untamed NoLimits is a lifestyle clothing line that gives people an opportunity to let a piece of fashion be a part of their everyday motivation, towards their own individual pursuit of achieving greatness. They want people to follow their passion and live freely. Our lifestyle brand covers fashion, entertainment, and promotion. We push for each indiviudal to live fearlessly with the understanding that you are in control of your own life. Live with an outgoing mindset that obtains NOLimits and being UNTAMED.

Location: Maryland, USA

Founded: May 2017


Instagram: @untamed.clothing_


September 2020 Featured Business

Third Floor_2.JPG

Blankspace NY

Mission:  Blankspace NY is a high quality driven DTG custom apparel printing, embroidery, and merchandising serviced company founded by artist, OGMillie (Kamille Ejerta). At BlankSpace our mission for every client to [Fill the blanks with your story]". We want to hear from creatives of all walks of life what their story and purpose is behind their very own designs and share that to our platform. It's imperative more than every to empower each other and uplight our voices. Our hope is that you wear your custom designs boldly and proudly. You are seen, you heard, you are worthy. 

Location: Queens, New York

Founded: December 2019


Instagram: @BlankSpaceNY

Third Floor_9.JPG

August 2020 Featured Business


Production > Hype

Mission:  Shining light on individuals who are doubted, overlooked, and underrated. The ones that keep going and push through adversity to beat the odds! Keep fighting through and strive for the best today!

Location: Virginia, USA

Founded: December 2019


Instagram: @productionoverhype


July 2020 Featured Business

June 2020 Featured Business



Mission:  A Kaluwa comes from the tagalog word kaluluwa which means spirit or soul. Your spirit is a product of your inspirations. We call those inspirations your Kaluwa. The necklace is a friendly reminder to never forget what inspires you to be different.  

Location: Virginia, USA

Founded: November 2019




Established Art 

Mission:  At established - their goal is to inspire people to find their calling and bring out the creativity inside of everyone that we come across. "Everyone was blessed with a purpose and a gift. It’s your job to to seek, utilize & be consistent with it.”

Location: Maryland, USA

Founded: January 2018

Instagram: @establishedart0608

May 2020 Featured Business



Mission: At CHPTR, quality matters. Our goal is to design and deliver prime streetwear products influenced by fashion, art & music. We are a lifestyle brand where you can express yourself freely and have a representation of your own chapter. Our team works with the best to create the best for everyone, empowering & embracing you to make the most out of your life without fear or judgment.

Location: Maryland, USA

Founded: April 2017


Instagram: @shopchptr


Welcome to Aspire to Inspire

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