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Meet Josh Burger

For every mess there is a message. For every test there is a testimony.
Not often do you come across someone like Josh Burger. He is one in a billion. Literally. Josh suffers from “Atelosteogensis Syndrome Type III”, one of the rarest diseases ever known to man. Less than 5 cases of the same illness have been identified to this day with Josh possibly being the oldest person with his condition.
But it isn’t Josh’s medical condition that defines Josh as “one in a billion”. It’s Josh’s SOUL. His ATTITUDE. His PUSO. Regardless of his situation - Josh wakes up every morning motivated to set a new standard for living life to the fullest. Josh’s inspirational story has taken him to schools, churches, and businesses around the nation where he has touched thousands of lives.
Josh’s advice to everyone reading this story: “I’m still here for a reason. So are you. Identify the God-given gifts within you and use it to make a positive difference in the lives and communities around you and beyond.”


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