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Direct Relief 
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic many low income families who depend on their daily wages have been unable to work - resulting into the starvation of their own children. Meanwhile health care heroes on the front lines of the pandemic have been sacrificing their very own health to save others.
Since this project launched in April of 2020 our team in the Philippines have been purchasing, preparing, and delivering much needed aid to low income communities and hospitals.
Not everyone has the same resources during this shelter in place. It is important we reach those that need our help and provide them with the resources and hope they deserve.

Food Care Packages For Families & Frontliners

Our Impact

Who We Served:  Low income communities affected by no work no pay economic shutdown & hospital heroes working on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic.

When It Took Place: April 2020 - Present

Where It Took Place: Rizal Medical Center, Manila National Hospital, Taguig City, Metro Manila, Taytay, and Napindan. 

What We Did:  Our on going COVID-19 relief efforts included us serving freshly made meals to front liner workers and low income communities. Since this relief project kicked off in April 2020 we have delivered over 1500 "PUSO Care Packages" to frontline hospital workers and families living in low income neighborhoods.

Choose Love

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