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Jollibee For The Community


Our partnership with Jollibee is a relationship that we are grateful for. Our Manila volunteer team have served over 200 kids from low income areas of Taft as well as Quezon City to bring them to the local Jollibee to connect and engage with them. 

Dec 2019:

Jollibee Project #2

Our Impact

Who We Served: We assembled a volunteer group who gathered 130 people, most of whom were kids. Out of the 130, many of them were homeless or from broken or struggling families.

When It Took Place: December 15, 2019

Where It Took Place:  Katipunan, Quezon City, Philippines

What We Did:  We walked them over to the newest Jollibee Level Up branch where we fed them all meals and gave each kid a brand new toy.

Oct 2019:

Jollibee Project #1

Our Impact

Who We Served: We served 100 kids living in low income neighborhoods in Taft located in Manila.

When It Took Place:  October 1, 2019

Where It Took Place:  Taft, Philippines

What We Did:  Surprised over 100 kids to a free Jollibee experience that came with a meal, desert, toys, and the the company of one another!

Do you remember your first time at Jollibee?

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