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Every year the PUSO Family uses its proceeds from our annual Swish 4 A Wish basketball tourney to host a "Thanksgiving Turkey Day Assist" for the underserved community in the Washington D.C. Metro Area. Since the launch of this program we have served approximately 200 families currently living in homeless shelters by providing freshly cooked Thanksgiving meals, warm gloves, haircuts, surprise presents for the kids, and most importantly our time and care.

Nov 2019:

Turkey Day Assist 2k19

Our Impact


Who We Served: A total of 21 single mother families living in the "Housing Up" homeless assistance dorms 

When It Took Place: November 21, 2019

Where It Took Place: Northwest, Washington D.C.

What We Did:  Spent the day with the families with a group of 8 PUSO volunteers and provided Thanksgiving meal, gifts, Christmas tree, haircuts, school supplies, bedsheets, and soap

Nov 2018:

Turkey Day Assist 2k18

Our Impact


Who We Served: Total of 84 homeless men and women staying at the Embry Rucker Homeless Shelter

When It Took Place: November 18, 2018

Where It Took Place:  Reston, Virginia

What We Did: Spent the day with the families with a group of 41 PUSO volunteers and donated a Thanksgiving meal sponsored by Cuisine Solutions, warm winter gloves, haircuts, bingo prizes, and gift cards

What are you thankful for?

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